Hugh & Simon weren’t exactly made for each other. More like… manufactured.

Hugh Willard and Simon Williams couldn’t be less alike. They’ve been friends since childhood, but five years ago their differences led to a fight and they haven’t spoken since. Now Hugh’s discovered that he and Simon might be clones. Worse, they were never meant to be born, and someone wants them dead.

The Willies tells the story of two friends coming to grips with their relationship while on the run. This takes place against a backdrop of bizarre events that poke fun at the debate over bioengineering — starting with a panda blowing up, and finishing with a showdown that threatens human life itself.

"The Willies" book cover

“Set in the near future, The Willies starts out as clever speculative fiction set in a world where bioengineering is at its peak, animals are created in labs and the prospect of creating humans is a very real possibility. Ethical and moral conflicts run rampant. Within the first thirty odd pages, the action (quite literally) explodes and what ensues is a fast paced romp through espionage drama, survival thriller and existential crisis. While that would be too much for most other writers, MacDonald easily turns the multitude of angles into one tidy story that draws the reader through to the climax with no hint of drag or filler.” - Nick Murray, Annexe Magazine

Background photo by Kevin Dooley, used under Creative Commons licence