What is this?

IlloWork is a website to help entrepreneurs find artists to illustrate their books.

You'll also find a visual overview of the process Strategic Coach uses to create its "Ambition Series" books, because I answer a lot of questions about that!

Coach clients often ask me (Hamish MacDonald) to work on their books, but I'm not available: I'm already 'at capacity' with my illustration for Coach and my personal projects.

But I hate having to say no to great ideas and great people -- so I'm doing something about it here!

I'm assembling a gallery of other talented artists who can do this work, too -- and put their own unique spin on it!

I hope you can find someone here to illustrate your book.

"I don't

wanna read

all this!!"

Okay, fine!

You probably

just want to

find an artist.

N.B. This is my own personal project and doesn't constitute advice or an endorsement from The Strategic Coach Inc. I hope to foster helpful connections through this site, but neither Strategic Coach nor I assume responsibility for any collaborations that result from it.

The Ambition Series books are ┬ęThe Strategic Coach Inc, and are shown here for demonstration purposes. If you use this design format for your own project, you should customize your book in such a way that it can't be confused with Strategic Coach's brand or intellectual property.