What's In These Books?

Chances are you're here because you've seen Strategic Coach's Ambition Series books and you want to create something similar yourself.

So let's fillet an Ambition-style book so you can see what's in it -- which then gives us a baseline for figuring out how much the illustration of your own book will cost.

(Again, this is for demonstration purposes; your designer will have their own ideas for the cover and interior designs.)

Cover spread, printed on cardstock, which forms the front cover with flap and back cover with flap.

Reverse/inside of cover, featuring overview of chapters (insight front) and Mindset Scorecard (inside back). So instead of keeping it blank, we use the reverse side of the cover to share more information -- like Mad Magazine's classic fold-outs!

Rights page and table of contents

Dedication page, cartoon of book team, and book title with summary blurb

Chapter pages - 1 and 2. (These pages are included in all 11 chapters of these books: Introduction, Chapters 1-8, Conclusion, and a chapter about your company.)

Chapter pages - 3 & 4. (Also multiplied by 11 chapters.)

Chapter  cartoon summary pages. (Again, x11 chapters.)

"About the Author" page

To the left, you see all the pages that make up one of these books.

To the right, I've highlighted in green all the original illustrations that need to be created for the book.

The orange highlights show the illustrations that can be repurposed from other sections of the book.